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Blade Options

There are variable blade and spacer widths as detailed, these can be set up on the standard shaft to any configuration to suit individual needs. Whether your approach is light but frequent 1mm blades can be spaced close together for concentrating on the top ½" for removing material or overseeding with bent.

The standard configuration is 1, 2 or 3mm blades @ 1" spacings but the spacings can be combined to give a greater width if stability is an issue, equally blades can be combined to create anything up to a 12mm (½") blade for very aggressive dethatching. The machine has the power, strength and creates an exceptionally clean groove to cope with any desired configuration.
Available Blades
1mm (3/64")
2mm (5/64")
3mm (1/8")
Available Spacers
9mm (3/8")
13mm (1/2")
25mm (1")
30mm (11/4")