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Why Graden?

The range of Pedestrian and Tractor Mounted Graden Dethatchers/Aerators have changed the way many superintendents have managed and removed organic matter worldwide over the past ten years.

Different widths of cutting blades cut perfectly clean, continuous grooves in the turf impacting far more surface area than standard hollow coring. With using 3mm blades this impacts over 250% more surface compared to ½" hollow tines @ 2" x 2" spacings.

Depths of up to 1¾" can be achieved to remove organic material from areas conventional scarifiers simply can't reach. With cutting a clean continuous groove in the turf this also opens more of the surface allowing for increased aeration and surface drainage.

The clean groove created by the Graden is often used when overseeding as it provides a perfect, protected environment for the seed to germinate. Compaction is relieved, thatch removed and a seed/soil contact can be achieved when top dressing is integrated into the surface.

Due to constant demands on many Golf Courses superintendents often have to sacrifice cultural practices. The introduction of the Graden's grooving process has proved a valuable management tool due to the limited surface disturbance considering the process that has been carried out.

The only limitation with the Gradens process was depending on blade width, depth of operation and surface stability it was sometimes difficult to integrate top dressing into the grooves, this has lead to the development of the Sand Injection, which move the process to a new level.